Your home is where you spend most of your time and create your most precious memories with family. It is therefore all the more important to have power when you need it. Let HiSEL help you power your home for years to come.



Lake City

John Fraser, a charity volunteer and retired teaching engineer, approached HiSEL with a simple request: install a solar system strong enough to power his entire house. He recognized the myriad benefits of solar energy and believed strongly in the power of renewable energy to save the environment. Having already installed a solar system in his house in Europe that provided his family with water garden irrigation, and electricity for his fans, lights, and pool pumping, John wanted to equip his house in Lake City, Lahore with solar electricity as well. Specifically, he looked for an integrated system with high-quality, long-lasting component parts.

HiSEL was able to meet John Fraser’s needs by installing a system with cells to backup his solar system and power his entire five-bedroom semi. HiSEL installed 3.8kW of panels, a 3kW inverter, and substantial deep cycle battery storage to provide uninterruptible for John and his family throughout the day. John was so pleased with HiSEL’s work that he referred his friends to install the same system on their rooftops in Johar Town.

“After seeing the system HiSEL installed for me, people often ask me questions like ‘How long is the payback time?’ My answer is simple: it starts on day one with clean pure sine wave power that does not fluctuate according to the grid. Solar saves me from equipment burnouts when the streets go darkā€”it is priceless!

People also ask me ‘How much does it cost?’ There is a rule of thumb for this complex question. For everyday folks it costs about as much as the 4 or 5-year-old secondhand car parked at your door. Different types of people are happy to have different types and price ranges of cars. Your solar PV system will cost you about the same as a second car, but it will be parked on your roof to be used daily without maintenance or fuel charges.

Particularly inquisitive people also ask ‘There is a man in the bazaar who tells me he can install solar for nearly half the price you paid. Is that not better?’ I have closely investigated these claims and they always turn out to be untrue. All this ‘Mickey Mouse gear’ will be fitted by a ‘Roger the Rabbit,’ whom you would be ill-advised to allow near your wiring. Only make comparisons when judging like with like.”

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Umar Gul

Umar Gul is a Pakistani cricket player who has risen to international fame, one of the most successful bowlers in Twenty20 cricket and winning the Twenty20 International Performance in 2013. In 2014, Umar Gul wanted HiSEL to help install a solar system in his house to provide backup power during blackouts. Although he had previously relied on a UPS, he thought solar energy was a better long-term solution to ensure the lights were kept on at home.

Recognizing that Umar Gul required uninterruptible power during the day for his family, HiSEL designed and installed a powerful system that would allow him to enjoy solar-powered energy without relying on expensive alternative sources. In this way, Umar was able to provide his family with the peace of mind of knowing that the lights would stay on even when the grid was malfunctioning, not only saving them money but also making their home more environmentally sustainable.

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