Portable Solar System (PVC Case)


Portable Solar System

  • USB ports for charging of mobile phones
  • LED bulbs with cables and sockets included
  • Optional models with FM radio, MP3 and SD card
  • Compact, portable and durable
  • Plug & play; maintenance free
  • Prevention of battery over-charge and discharge
Model HI1204 HI1207
Solar Panel 6W, with 8m cable 10W, with 8m cable
Controller (Built-in) 3A/12V 3A/12V
Battery (Built-in) 4AH/12V 7AH/12V
DC Output Ports 2A/12Vx3 2A/12V x3
USB Ports 1A/5Vx2 1A/5Vx2
Multifunctional Capabilities (FM,MP3,SD card) Optional Optional
USB Cable 10 in 1 10 in 1
LED Light 3Wx2PCS 3Wx2PCS
Light Wire (4M with On/Off switch) 2PCS 2PCS
DC Fan 6W/12Vx1PC (Optional) 6W/12Vx1PC (Optional)
Grid Charger 15V/0.5Ax1PC (Optional) 15V/2Ax1PC (Optional)
Dimensions (DxWxH) 180×81×209mm