Businesses need power to continue serving their customers. Take it from us—HiSEL runs completely on solar when the grid fails. That’s why we are dedicated to powering other businesses, allowing them to better serve their customers without incurring exorbitant costs.



Sadiq Plaza

In Pakistan, the problem of load shedding is widespread. Power outages can occur as frequently as every other hour, leaving many businesses with no choice but to rely on expensive diesel power to keep their doors open. Mr. Sadiq approached HiSEL with this concern, as the frequent blackouts were causing a strain to his plaza, one of the busiest and most popular in Lahore. He tried visiting other vendors with no success, realizing that a high-quality system would have to be installed by a company with significant design and installation experience.

HiSEL installed a fully-operating solar system constiting of 48kW inverters, 43kW panels, 50kW solar controllers, and 64 150AH battery banks at Sadiq Plaza. This relieved Mr. Sadiq of his loadshedding concerns, allowing him to enjoy solar power from 8am to 5pm and switching to grid-tied electricity in the evening. In this way, he no longer relies on his expensive 100kVA diesel generator for power. HiSEL’s system provided an added bonus: patrons of Sadiq Plaza are now shaded from the scorching midday sun by a carport built from large photovoltaic panels. Mr. Sadiq can now sell electricity to the customers of Sadiq Plaza, among which include many executive offices and a busy restaurant.


Power outages wreak havoc on all businesses, but banks especially suffer from loadshedding. Banks need to keep their ATM machines, computers, security cameras and lights running at all times. In Silkbank’s case, keeping their main server online was a major priority, as a power outage would mean that one branch would become disconnected from all the other branches. Silkbank had previously relied on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for energy during the daytime, but hoped to convert to a more economical and renewable source of energy to provide truly uninterruptible power.

By installing a fully-powered solar system constiting of 3kW inverters, 2.5kW panels, and four 200AH battery banks in 22 of Silkbank’s branches across Pakistan, HiSEL helped convert the bank from using conventional UPS to solar energy in the daytime. Silkbank was especially impressed with the aftermarket service provided by the HiSEL installation team, as all maintenance requests were tended to effectively and efficiently. Consequently, Silkbank has approached HiSEL to oversee the maintenance of several other solar systems in its other branches.