About Us

HiSEL Power Corporation provides energy backup and conservation solutions to customers around the world. Based in Canada, we develop integrated solar systems, solar inverter technologies, and solar power generation projects.



To deliver life-changing energy solutions around the world to families and businesses that are in need of affordable electricity



HiSEL Power Corporation aims to become an independent power producer and PV system integration company. By utilizing our management expertise, technological innovations, and diverse supply chain agreements, we continue to provide cost-effective and sustainable clean energy solutions to international customers.


Corporate Profile.

HiSEL Power Corporation is a Canadian renewable energy company that provides solar, energy backup and conservation solutions to international customers. We develop leading-edge solar inverter technologies, integrated solar systems, energy saving products and solar power generation projects starting in North America and expanding to emerging markets around the world. HiSEL has an outstanding board, management and technical team. We are well funded by private equity investment and well connected with Chinese and Canadian financial institutions. One of our great strengths is an extensive supply chain in China and strong partnerships with leading Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) modules, batteries, LED lights and other related products. Our talented engineering teams in Canada and China continue to conduct product research and development in collaboration with top Canadian and Chinese Universities to spearhead innovation.


Market Leadership.

HiSEL’s unique business model derives from a set of inimitable core competencies. We conduct in-house product development based on real-time market feedback, and believe strongly in tailoring our products to the markets in which we choose to participate. Our efficient supply chain management and global distribution network allow us to localize our in-market sales and support, focusing on product standardization and assurance of quality.

Strategic Partnerships

HiSEL has an influential network of contacts in the USA, Canada, China, Pakistan, and UAE, with signed corporate and government agreements in China and Pakistan to develop large solar projects.

Engineering Teams

HiSEL has engineering teams in Canada and China for PV system integration, enhanced product development and contract manufacturing for solar PV and energy backup solutions.

Management Expertise

HiSEL management has expertise in large capital projects from project planning, design financing, procurement, and construction to full completion.

Financial Strength

HiSEL Power is well funded through private equity investors in both China and Canada to develop leading-edge PV technology and integrated solar systems.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Integration

HiSEL has an extensive supplier base in China with advanced technologies, a proven track-record, high quality standards and a competitive cost advantage.

Localized Sales and Service

HiSEL has significant technical expertise and region-specific in-market service for its customers.