5KW Infini V On Grid Inverter – Hisel Power

5Kw infi v Inverter in pakistan

Hisel Power Introduce the 5KW Infini On Grid Inverter in Pakistan This basic sunlight based inverter is intended to control your home apparatuses or valuable 3C hardware. It additionally can deal with engine sort loads with high surge power, for example, vacuums, little coolers, or drills. With implicit sun oriented charger, it can change over sun based energy to battery control and give nonstop energy to associated gear amid evening.

Pure sine wave ouput
Self-consumption and Feed-in to the grid
Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid
User-adjustable battery charging current and voltage
Programmable multiple operation modes: Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with backup
Monitoring software for real-time status display and control
Parallel operation up to 6 units only for 3K/4K/5K models