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1.2 kva inverter in pakistan
It is a robust inverter rated 1.2 kva with supported Load up to 720 watts designed to power your home appliances or precious electronics. It can also accept wide input voltage to produce stable and pure power source to power downstream AC loads. Based on different types of loads, this inverter can provide pure and stable power.

1.2kva inverter price in pakistan
either to house appliances (input Voltage range = 90-280 VAC) or to sensitive personal computers (input Voltage range = 170-280 VAC) via selectable operation modes. Recommended battery capacity is 100h -200Ah.
With charging current is up to 10/20 Amp
It is a brilliant choice for homeowners or small office users in the unstable power area.

  • Modified Sine Wave AC Output, Wide application Range
  • Charge Current 15/20A adjustable, For Model
  • 700W/800W Inbuilt with 30A or 50A Solar Charge Controller
  • Three Steps intelligent charging control Battery reverse
  • Protection Function
  • Compact size fit for home use, small solar system

It is a cost of effective & intelligent solar inverter, accepting solar & utilities input at the same time, with AC/DC priority configurable. In condition DC Priority , when battery voltage is low, it will automatically switch to AC and continuously offering power to the loads.